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CrossFit On Ramp

$125Purchase required to enroll

CrossFit Puyallup On Ramp Course @ Truth Fitness

New CrossFit athletes start with our CrossFit On Ramp training course, a pre-requisite to the regular group classes. These classes are designed to teach you the basic principles and techniques of CrossFit. If you have never done CrossFit before, it is a great way to “try it out” and see what CrossFit is all about!

The CrossFit On Ramp classes will focus on foundational movements, coordination, core strength and your cardiovascular fitness. The classes will prepare athletes for participation in the regular group classes and familiarize your coaches with your fitness level.

Classes generally start at the beginning of each month and continue for 4 weeks. Each class includes specific instruction/ training and cannot be “made up” on other days. Please schedule accordingly so that you can attend every class.

Space is limited and classes fill up fast. You can drop in on Day 1, but please register AT LEAST 1 week prior to class start to guarantee a spot.

Class Schedule – 12 Classes Total (approx based on holidays)

  • 3x/week for 4 weeks
  • Class times/days can vary each month based on enrollment needs.

* Some months may be less than 12 sessions due to holidays.

Why We Require an Introductory Course

Most movements used in CrossFit require a bit more attention to technique than you may be used to if your training background has been limited to the multitude of shiny machines you see at “normal” gyms. CrossFit believes that no machine in existence can match a properly executed squat, muscle-up, kettlebell swing, or clean and jerk when it comes to developing strength, power, and all-around fitness. Since these types of movements are more complex than simply adjusting the position of a pin in a machine, you’ll benefit greatly from receiving some small group training to learn the fundamentals.

Cancellation policy Please contact us to cancel a registration